Why the hate?

I am tired, I am tired and pissed of this world, can I shoot myself to the moon? Please now!

Why the hate?

On friday (22nd of July) something sad happened in Munich, Germany. It was a shooting spree on a crowded place. An 18 year old guy, 18 YEAR OLD!!, started to shoot around him. WHY? 9 people died and several people are wounded. Was that necessary? Was it? I am so sad and in rage and also I am afraid to go out. I have the feeling like this month is like full of hate, it happened so much stuff around the world – for nothing. And that’s not all – since I am living in Germany, I had many of my Facebook friends discuss the happenings in Munich. Thanks to media, again!, people started to blame the refugees and Angela Merkel (Federal Chancellor of Germany). I started to discuss too, which was a mistake..Those people were so full of hate and so stubborn, I felt like I was talking to a wall. Fun Fact is – the Shooter was a German guy, probably with a racist background, cause he was yelling “Fucking foreigners”. Still not a reason to kill.
The thing is, what happened in Munich is just a small shard of the whole negativity spread in the world. Do we have to kill each other, each other till the end? Till no one is left on this planet? Is this the only way for freedom?
I am feeling really sad right now, and I know I am repeating myself, but life is such a beautiful gift which should be appreciated and not made into a horror movie. This should stay in the tv or movies.

To sum up everything: All those killings, fightings, wars, hates and hate spreadings are senseless and bring our humanity to an end if it still continues.

I felt like I needed to write those words down, just to make my soul less heavier.

What I am wearing:
Head: Catwa – Dyana
Applier: Bold&Beauty – Kristina
Hair: Chemistry – Mila
Top: Kitja – Ethe Top
Pants: Emery – Banks Ripped Jeans
Shoes: Breathe – Roxane Heels

Location: The Village & BarDeco


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