Love Somebody

I am enjoying my last days off work, I mean three weeks was quite enought, I kinda miss work.. I know weird huh?
I just felt inspired to make a pic, kinda summery looking one, since it’s raining outside. To be honest I love summer rain anyways, love the smell and love the crispy fresh air, yesssss.
Love Somebody

So I went to Kaelyn Alecto’s beautiful summery sim “It all starts with a smile“. It’s worth a visit, you won’t regret it, since she is a photographer herself you have thousand of oppurtinities to shoot a good pic tho. I decided to wear this outfit, with a few items of the new round of Uber.

I am sorry that this blogpost is kinda boring, because I don’t have much to say right now, I hope you can understand.

What I am wearing:

Head: Catwa – Dyana
Skin: INSOL – Daria
Jewelery: Mandala – Tensei (@Available at Uber)
Bra: Evani – Emily Bra (@Available at Uber)
Pants: Blueberry – Rene Pants


New Appliers for LAQ Trinity Mesh Head


I just posted a few weeks ago about the LAQ Mesh Head called “Trinity” and people, especially designers went for making appliers for them, since you don’t need a special Kit to make them. It runs on OMEGA, which is like an universal solution.

I saw several designer making beautiful faces for her like Glam Affair, Izzies and Avi-Glam. I am totally impressed how well Trinity made herself up on the grid. Her face looks so different with each applier.

New Appliers for LAQ Trinity Mesh Head

Here’s a little preview of the upcoming face by “Avi-Glam” which will be featured in the Cosmopolitan Event inworld. Her name is “Nara” and she is a gorgeous asian beauty. She’ll come in 6 different skin tones and different eyebrow options.

New Appliers for LAQ Trinity Mesh Head

Of course miss Mallory Cowen, owner of LAQ, made some appliers for her lovely Trinity too!
Their names are Freya and Kate. Both come in several skin tones and Make-Up Options.
Kate has also some Brow options.
My personal favorite is Kate, because of her freckles and moles. I am a certified freckle and mole lover so don’t blame me! But I also had fun to play with Freya, so I probably will switch between them too!

What I am wearing:
First Pic:
Mesh Head: LAQ – Trinity 1.0
Applier: Avi-Glam – Nara @ Cosmopolitan (SLURL Will be working when the Event starts)
Hair: Argrace – Urei
Flower Headpiece: Vrsion/LODE – Apple Blossoms with falling Petals

Second Pic:
Mesh head: LAQ – Trinity 1.0
Applier: LAQ – Freya and Kate (Make Up Huds are included)
Hair on the Left: Lelutka@Hair Fair – HF04
Hair on the Right: Elikatira@Hair Fair – Nadia
Blouse: Kitja – Ethe Top

Why the hate?

I am tired, I am tired and pissed of this world, can I shoot myself to the moon? Please now!

Why the hate?

On friday (22nd of July) something sad happened in Munich, Germany. It was a shooting spree on a crowded place. An 18 year old guy, 18 YEAR OLD!!, started to shoot around him. WHY? 9 people died and several people are wounded. Was that necessary? Was it? I am so sad and in rage and also I am afraid to go out. I have the feeling like this month is like full of hate, it happened so much stuff around the world – for nothing. And that’s not all – since I am living in Germany, I had many of my Facebook friends discuss the happenings in Munich. Thanks to media, again!, people started to blame the refugees and Angela Merkel (Federal Chancellor of Germany). I started to discuss too, which was a mistake..Those people were so full of hate and so stubborn, I felt like I was talking to a wall. Fun Fact is – the Shooter was a German guy, probably with a racist background, cause he was yelling “Fucking foreigners”. Still not a reason to kill.
The thing is, what happened in Munich is just a small shard of the whole negativity spread in the world. Do we have to kill each other, each other till the end? Till no one is left on this planet? Is this the only way for freedom?
I am feeling really sad right now, and I know I am repeating myself, but life is such a beautiful gift which should be appreciated and not made into a horror movie. This should stay in the tv or movies.

To sum up everything: All those killings, fightings, wars, hates and hate spreadings are senseless and bring our humanity to an end if it still continues.

I felt like I needed to write those words down, just to make my soul less heavier.

What I am wearing:
Head: Catwa – Dyana
Applier: Bold&Beauty – Kristina
Hair: Chemistry – Mila
Top: Kitja – Ethe Top
Pants: Emery – Banks Ripped Jeans
Shoes: Breathe – Roxane Heels

Location: The Village & BarDeco

LAQ Mesh Head Trinity

Hello there,
I just came home from work. I’ve never been so exhausted, I guess I am ready for vacation. Anyways, another Mesh head was born into the grid. I was kinda surprised that LAQ (also known as Laqroki) was the one who did that. A little throwback Thursday: LAQ was like the skin heaven for me, when I had some little money to spent it. I remember being excited for every release Mallory Cowen (Owner of LAQ) was selling, even the Teaser pictures made me crazy as hell. And now – in 2016 LAQ is having a big comeback, and I am quite happy about it, hell yeah nostalgia.

LAQ Mesh Head Trinity

So, there she is! That’s Trinity 1.0 and for a 1.0 she is awesome. The head is fitted so you can change headsize, head strech and head length in the shape editing mode. LAQ’s recommended values are:
Head Length: 52
Face Shear: 51
Eye Size: 42
Eye Spacing: 39
Eye Depth: 67

Personally I didn’t had to change or tweak any of my values, so if you are a fulltime Mesh Head person like me, you are not facing any problems. For people who want to start wearing a Mesh Head, I would use the recommendation above.

What I love the most is that LAQ doesn’t use any special system, they are using the Omega system, which is also featured in LOGO’s Meshheads, which makes it easier for any designer to do some art with that face.

The HUD is divided into three tabs. In the features tab you can change the headsize via the HUD so you don’t need to go into appereance mode. Same as many other heads you have the option to change the necksize by clicking on of the numbers.
If you click on one of the skintones, your face will instantly change into the “Wilma” skin which is preinstalled in the HUD.

I ADORE the expressions of this head. They all look so natural and smooth. And my personal favorite is that you can click through every frame of the animation, which is perfect for photographers. BTW – her smile is like the cutest I have ever seen.
All of the features and expressions are shown in the video I linked at the end of the post, I would be happy if you take a look at it.

If you found a pretty Make-Up or Skin combination you can also save it in the Looks tab, which is a nice addition if you are not a fan of searching through all of your applier folders in your inventory.

Mallory just made some applier of her older releases, which made me happy cause it contains “Mima” and “Elena” which were my favorite skins back in the days!

So here is the video (please ignore that the lipsticks didn’t worked when I tried to change it a second time, it was my SL not the HUD or something, it all works perfect!):

What I am wearing:
Mesh Head: LAQ – Trinity 1.0
Applier: LAQ – Camille
Hair: Lelutka – Brooklyn
Necklace: Yummy – Simple Chains
Top: Addams – Fractal Top
Pants: Spirit – Hip Shorts
Cover Up: Zaara – Reva Cover Up
Thigh Chains: Zaara – Raksha thigh Chains
Sandals: Zaara – Sachi Boho Sandals

Hello, with some 50 Facts about me

Hello and Welcome to my blog.

Ugh, that sounds so boring, but theres is not much opportunities to greet someone on a blog. Anyways, my name is Maleese Harbour, my Rezz Day is the 7th of February 2008 and this is my blog. I know, I know these informations are kinda boring and very basic, it’s like the “must-have-first-post” phrase.

So yeah, this is my blog, pretty empty and the making. I hope this will change within time.

What can you expect here? – I would say “Not your typical fashionblog”, like posting a pic and credit all the stuff I wear on it, at the end of the post. I want to share my SL life, I want to share also RL things. I want to have it as a platform where I can type all the stuff which runs through my head, stuff which come up spontaneously or stuff which follows me for a longer time. I wanna share opinions, I want to discuss things also I want to rant if I have to, I mean that’s what a blog is for, huh? But still there will be some fashion related posts such as reviews and stuff on this blog, since it’s also one of my hobbies in SL.

Please keep in mind that I don’t wanna offend anyone who owns a Fashion Blog. I just don’t feel that posting a picture without saying something to it, is my thing. Also I love to read Fashionblogs, duh.

New Blog & 50 Facts About me

I really find it hard to tell stuff about me, so I thought it might be easier if I jump on the train of the “50 facts about me”-Tag. Which is, I know, kinda old – but hey, who cares huh?

#1 I am 23 in Real Life
#2 I am located in Germany
#3 I was born in Poland
#4 My best friend in RL was the reason I joined SL
#5 I am a male in Real Life
#6 I still like to go clubbing in SL with some of my friends
#7 I owned a Fashionblog in 2009-2011 and I deleted it cause of RL stuff
#8 Cheese is my favorite food
#9 Do you remember Callie Cline? I wanted to be like her so bad!
#10 Strawberry Singh is my favorite blogger – Love you ♥
#11 I was so excited to make this blog, that I even downloaded a “TO-DO-List”-App for my phone, to be organized
#12 I like to be organized
#13 I have a bad habit that I count the hours how much time I have left of the day, till I have to go to sleep
#14 In SL I am an ArtDirector for a Store called “Avi-Glam”
#15 In RL I am working in Retail
#16 I made a crash course for Interior Design
#17 I am not the biggest fan of polish food, even if I am polish
#18 My favorite dish is pizza
#19 My current fave song is “Scar” by Foxes
#20 20 is my lucky number
#21 My english became better and better with SL
#22 I hate when people have “SL is SL and RL is RL” in their profiles
#23 I also hate when people say “Voice Verified” in their profiles, ugh
#24 I like K-Pop (Korean Pop Music)
#25 The first amount of L$ i earned in SL was 50L$ as a tip
#26 I am lactoseintolerant
#27 I use Photoshop CS5 for my editings
#28 Lelutka is my favorite Hairstore
#29 Collabor88 is my favorite event
#30 I sometimes tend to dramatize
#31 A friend of mine calls me “Marlene” because he can’t remind Maleese
#32 I named Maleese after Malese Jow, she’s an actress and also a singer and her song was playing while I was joining Second Life.
#33 I added one extra “e” on Maleese, cause I thought it looks cooler
#34 I prefer tea over coffee
#35 I am always taking showers in the evening
#36 I love horror movies, but can’t watch them alone
#37 Currently I am watching the new season of “Bates Motel” on Netflix
#38 Right now I am drinking orange juice
#39 My favorite smell is lily flowers
#40 My RL Birthday is in October
#41 I love fall!
#42 I hate winter
#43 I always check the fridge when I leave the house, cause I am afraid that I didn’t closed it well
#44 I love the Maitreya Body
#46 I am a woman in SL cause I CAN
#47 I watch more Netflix on my Playstation 4 then actually playing games on it
#48 I am afraid of snakes
#49 My SL Land is full of boxes and palms, I am too lazy to clean it up
#50 Finally: I am really happy that I made this blog

Phew! Okay, I never said that 50 facts are easy to find, even when it was fun. If you want you can also do one.
FUN FACT: Now I have like 1416758957673 facts in my head, when I was writing them down, I had like an empty head.
Anyways, I hope you like this post and I would be really happy if you follow my SL/RL Life.


What am I wearing:
Hair: Truth – Loni
MeshHead: CATWA – Annie
Applier: Glam Affair – Bianca
Necklace: Yummy – Simple Chains
Top: Emery – Bundchen Top Pure
Pants: Addams – Paloma Short with Laces